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Industry: Textile Industry

Website Development for Fabrics & Home Textile Retailer

The project demands a website development in Berlin that is transparent and clear-cut so that the visitor can easily navigate among the multiple outlets and its product pages, and contact details as well as have a sneak glimpse at the manufacturing know-how.
Website Development for Fabrics & Home Textile Retailer in Germany


Return on investment (ROI)


Increase in growth rate


Dual language support

Client Overview

German-based fabrics and home textile retailer with multiple stores in different places that have been providing collections of fabric per meter and home textile items for its customers.

Project Challenges

The client needed a cost-effective tool to help its customers find their nearby outlet & enhance communication with its customers by presenting them with real-time information. The challenge was to create a showcase website development in Berlin to attract and provide information for the end customers.
Website development company in Germany

BaryTech Solution

The product pages are segmented into product categories and are primarily focused on the Customer’s key considerations. A pop-up image portfolio featuring close-ups of printed pillows, embroidered bed linen, and exquisite dinnerware complements a brief overview of the category.

Visitors can use the request form on the contact page to send queries and discover more about the working team. The website supports two languages, English and German, on all the pages including the newsfeed.

More features were introduced including:

Search Wizard

Search wizard was installed. Search wizard allows customers to specify all their preferences for quality textiles in a line with animation effects. When the wizard is submitted, visitors will see the most relevant offers on fabric & textile products.

Google Maps Integration

Google Maps Integration is being installed. Customers see custom styled pop-ups for nearby outlets on the local map in real-time mode. The windows display the main lodging description with several images, address, the product & its price.

Graphic Design

Best graphic design in Germany is one-of-a-kind and perfectly encapsulates the Customer's passion for high-quality textiles. The navigation components and buttons invoke fabric manufacturing associations and deliver an outstanding user experience.




Google maps integration

The Customer received a website that integrated with Google Maps enabling customers to locate nearby outlets in real mode.


Search wizard

Search Wizard which communicates the benefits and uniqueness of its quality textiles.


Dual language support

The website's dual-language support allows the client to expand its customer base geographically and target both English and German-speaking customers.

When it comes to creating professional, effective and attractive websites, there is no company that can outdo BaryTech. This is what we can say now guaranteed. Thanks to their knack, our site has gone in the search engines like a rocket. In this day and age, it is impossible to thrive as a business without the support of companies like BaryTech.
The emphasis is splendid and the workforce is magnificent. In a matter of days, we had unexpected business growth, above and beyond our expectations. We could not have picked a better team of professionals to represent us.
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