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Support & Maintenance

We provide support & maintenance programmes for a multitude of formats & systems that account for both expected & sudden software difficulties.

Application Support

Identifying and resolving issues of various complexity (ranging from basic application difficulties to application code/database faults).

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Providing extensive data for self-service

We offer guiding materials like knowledge-based manuals prepared with convenient search & related FAQs for users to help them stay updated with all product and technical information.

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Basic application use problems are resolved

Prioritizing support requests & escalating unresolved issues to the next support level, as well as giving issue status updates under an agreed-upon SLA until the issue is resolved

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Addressing any configuration issues

Resolving software configuration incidents by logging investigation for root cause analysis of the issues & administering application environment & user accounts.

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Resolving code-level problems

Introducing modifications to the code and database to resolve complicated issues, as well as resolving customisation concerns for platform-based apps.

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Application Maintenance

Continual application maintenance and analysis form the cornerstone of our agile-driven approach. Guided by agile principles, our application evolution remains dynamic, incorporating new features, integrations, and strategic re-architecting. This iterative process ensures optimal functionality, adaptability, and responsiveness. By prioritizing ongoing maintenance, we proactively address potential issues, enhancing overall system reliability. Our commitment to agile methodology empowers us to swiftly adapt to changing requirements, fostering a seamless integration of innovative features. This iterative, customer-centric approach not only sustains the application’s current performance but also propels its evolution to meet evolving user needs effectively.

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Application Evolution

Implementing new application features, adding software integrations and incorporating new application customizations.

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QA and Testing

Maintain the application's quality and smooth operation while resolving bugs, adding new features, & integrating with other applications.

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Application Performance Management

Guaranteeing app stability and scalability by regular app performance monitoring & testing to detect unfavorable trends

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Application Security Management

Safeguarding the security of business and customer data. Identifying and fixing any security threats and vulnerabilities

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Compliance Management

App compliance with industry-specific rules and standards is being monitored and improved.

support & maintenance

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We are easy to work with and have highly trained professionals with deep knowledge of technology and user behavior. We provide our service with is on schedule and within budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Support & Maintenance services refer to the ongoing assistance and upkeep provided for software applications, IT systems, hardware, or any other technology solution after its deployment or implementation.
Support & Maintenance services are crucial to ensure the continued functionality and performance of technology solutions. They help in resolving issues, providing updates, implementing security patches, and addressing user concerns.
Common Support & Maintenance services include technical support, bug fixing, troubleshooting, software updates, hardware repairs, security updates, performance monitoring, and regular system health checks.
Yes, Support & Maintenance services can be customized based on the specific requirements and preferences of the business. Service providers often offer different levels of support and service agreements to cater to different needs and budgets.
Yes, our team is experienced in providing Support & Maintenance services for both in-house and third-party software applications.
You can reach out to our support team through our designated channels, such as phone, email, or an online support portal.
Yes, we offer flexible Support & Maintenance plans to cater to various business needs, including standard and premium support levels.
We prioritize prompt response to support requests and strive to address critical issues immediately. Our response time varies based on the support plan you choose.
We offer remote support as the first line of assistance for most issues. If required, we can arrange on-site visits for more complex issues or specific service agreements.
We follow strict security protocols and access controls to safeguard your data during maintenance activities, ensuring confidentiality and data integrity.
Yes, we provide software updates and version upgrades to keep your applications up-to-date with the latest features, security patches, and improvements.
Our Support & Maintenance services are available during business hours, with options for extended support hours and 24/7 coverage for critical situations.
To get started, reach out to our team, and we will discuss your Support & Maintenance requirements and tailor a solution that best suits your business needs.

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