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Industry: IT Industry

Real-time vCard & QR Code Generation

Earlier the client had just good visit numbers but the sharing rate was very low. Since networking was poor & they were not able to share their data, their project wasn’t showing any promising outcomes, thus resulting in poor ROI.

So, they want a real-time vCard & QR Code generation service in Germany.

Real time V card generation Germany.


Successful project drive


Promotion of their website


Increase in ROI

Project Overview

Our client is a business solutions consulting firm bestowing impeccable technology solutions to its clients across industries. The company aims to deliver consultation for digital transformation of industries. With a local office in Germany, the company has years of experience in providing end-to-end next level business solutions and serving customers around the world.

Project Challenges

The client had this web project going on where people could come & create an account & share it further with other people for networking & business growth. Since today the technology is mobile-oriented more than any other device & everything is automated, the client was facing 2 major business challenges:
QR code generation in Germany

BaryTech Solution

After analyzing & evaluating the whole project operations we suggested and implemented the two prominent technologies i.e.

Real-time generated vCard & QR Code in Germany for smooth operations:

Rooted the Auto-generation of Downloadable vCard for the Contact Details

With this real-time generation of the vCard, they were able to download the updated contact details at once with a single click. And they could easily save the vCard directly to their contact list without filling in any details on any device. The task of manually copy-pasting each account's contact details was eliminated with the implementation of vCard technology.

Generated QR Code for the Smooth Navigation between Mobile & other Devices

With this, they were able to share the link & navigate from laptop to mobile quickly by just scanning the QR Code. All they had to do was scan the QR Code via scanner & click the link directly from the scanner. Since the clickable link was generated via scanner, the daunting task of copy-pasting the link was eliminated with QR Code technology Berlin.


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After the successful implementation of our suggested technologies in their project, the website traffic, sharing & downloading rate bounced up drastically. Through vCard, no. of downloads increased. With QR Code no. of mobile traffic increased. People were able to navigate & browse the website & contact details on any device.

Which overall resulted in a:


Successful project drive

A project drive that is 100% successful


Promotion of their website

By month 3, the website traffic resulted in a 98% increase in promotion.


Boosted business growth

87% boost in business growth.


Higher ROI

79% increased the rate of ROI (return on investment).

BaryTech provided the best Option to reach out to potential customers. "Setting up the QR code was a cinch, and the result for my core audience is absolutely beautiful." We wanted a solution which can meet our demands and also comes with accurate and real-time features. The solution is pretty seamless, the QR code and vCard are quite fair value for our money, I am loving the results and features of the service.
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Business Owner
Robert Pfitzner