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Industry: Banking

Leading bank branch: A complete infrastructure revamp

BaryTech built the foundation for a solid infrastructure transition to ramp up production, optimize profitability, and cut intricacies and expenditures.

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Cost saved on IT operations


System security was improved


Faster IT infrastructure and apps provide faster servicing

At BaryTech, we value the privacy of our clients and avoid sharing their information online to prevent unwanted sales solicitations from our competitors. Nonetheless, we would be pleased to furnish you with client references upon request at a suitable time.

Our esteemed client represents one of the leading banks in India, distinguished for its exceptional provision of banking and financial services catering to the public sector. As an Indian multinational bank, it holds a significant position in the financial industry.

Client Overview

Our client is one of India’s premier banks. This Indian multinational bank is a provider of banking and financial services to the public sector.

  • The bank has over 200 year history, is the largest commercial bank in India in terms of assets, deposits, profits, branches, customers and employees, etc.
  • This is a Fortune 500 entity and is ranked among top 50 Global Banks.
  • With more than 24,000 branches situated in India and an additional 190 offices spread across 35 other countries worldwide, the bank boasts of a vast branch network.
  • The bank desires a total transformation of IT infrastructure and business operations of their Frankfurt branch.

Project Challenges

In 1965, our client established a representative office in Frankfurt, Germany, which is a major financial hub in Europe. At present, the BaryTech team is operating from the same office, striving to enhance the IT infrastructure efficiencies across all domains.

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BaryTech Solution

BaryTech helped them gain their dream infrastructure with new middleware capabilities.

For the client, we returned processing, storage, backup, directory, and middleware services. The banking and financial services company is planning middleware capabilities upgrades to enhance its IT infrastructure. We stabilized the services using our tried-and-true transition process. Cost savings and accelerated speed Workflows for these processes have been rationalized, consolidated, and transformed.

The company’s capacity was boosted, and costs were reduced thanks to our strategies for continual service improvement. It then chose BaryTech to support additional crucial functions for the network management program.

BaryTech offers improved IT infrastructure services in Germany with multiple partners and is now capable of achieving its ambitious technological objectives by accelerating innovation and anticipating customer demand for new goods and services. Continual service improvement for banking operations is essential to stay competitive in the industry and meet the ever-evolving needs of customers.

BaryTech successfully executed hardware and software procurement for the bank client. As a critical process, banks rely on technology to conduct daily operations, process transactions, and provide customer services. BaryTech ensured the acquisition of high-quality, reliable hardware, including servers, storage devices, networking equipment, and security systems. Additionally, BaryTech procured the necessary software, such as firewall, Microsoft servers, CALs, business related softwares, transaction processing, or security, that met the bank’s requirements, was scalable, and had a proven track record of reliability and security. The procurement process involved identifying the bank’s needs, defining requirements, evaluating offerings, negotiating contracts, and implementing the chosen solution. BaryTech ensured that the chosen solution was compatible with the bank’s existing and the newly set systems, met security and compliance requirements, and ensured data safety and security.

The restructuring of IT operations has enhanced the company’s overall capabilities in this regard.

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Secure Server Segmentation

The database and applications have been appropriately segmented by categorizing servers into application, database, and web application servers, with each application having its own dedicated physical server.

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IP Segmentation Simplified

A smooth and efficient network requires proper IP addressing, including segregating servers, applications, and databases into distinct IP pools and adjusting internal configurations as necessary.

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Optimized App-Database Allocation

To ensure efficient database usage, our primary objective is to thoroughly analyze all applications and provide the necessary databases based on their specific usage patterns.

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Effective Data Segmentation

Appropriate segmentation of databases and applications is critical in determining the need for physical or virtual servers, based on each application's specific requirements.

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Server Performance Assessment

We identified servers, categorized them, and evaluated their performance based on daily usage of apps, databases, and web apps.

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Hardware Procurement

After assessing the existing infrastructure, we identified outdated hardware, suggested upgrades, and procured modern hardware from Dell, Fortinet, and Cisco.



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Saved Hardware Procurement Cost

We saved our client on hardware costs and improved their business continuity by replacing obsolete hardware with dedicated servers, avoiding upfront expenditures for a new server and licensing.

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Security And Compliance

The infrastructure revamp was conducted with compliance to security and regulatory standards, which included data privacy laws, cyber security, and disaster recovery protocols.

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Technology Modernization

We modernized the bank's technology infrastructure by upgrading its hardware and software systems, which included servers, storage, networking equipment, and applications.

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Smooth Performance

The performance of servers and apps was reviewed in addition to the old hardware being procured. It increased efficiency and dependability, which led to more performance and stress reduction.

Client Testimonial

I am thrilled to share my experience working with BaryTech on our recent IT infrastructure revamp project which is still ongoing for past 6 months (Mar 2023). The entire process is running incredibly smooth and efficient, thanks to their careful planning and execution.

BaryTech's team is highly knowledgeable and provided us with expert guidance throughout the process. They helped us identify the best hardware solutions for our specific needs and budget, and ensured that we received high-quality products from BaryTech as they are Cisco, Dell and Microsoft certified partners which has covered our major needs. Their offers were lowest one always.

One of the most significant improvements we made was segmenting our servers into real and virtual ones, which has significantly enhanced the overall efficiency and effectiveness of our bank IT systems. This change has allowed us to better manage our resources and allocate them more effectively, resulting in a more streamlined and efficient operation.

They are installing the firewalls now, resolving the issues day by day, and database segmentation is ongoing. They are helping us completely update our IT infrastructure in phases. I highly recommend BaryTech to any organisation looking to improve their IT infrastructure.
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