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Industry: Medical

Improved Customer Experience (CX) by Employing Cloud Contact Center Solution

The only way for a company to succeed is to keep its consumers happy and provide a positive experience at every encounter. That’s why they need a Cloud Contact Center.
Which provides the consumer with the impression of being cared for and catered to instantly, moving them seamlessly through the sales pipeline and improving their experience with real-time management.
Ultimately, the client’s employees have to operate efficiently and provide excellent customer support from any location.

Improved Customer experience Germany


Gained access to real-time and historical data (CX)


Greater scalability to react to demand

Remote work capabilities expanded

Client Overview

The client is a provider of medical equipment and supplies headquartered in Germany.

Project Challenges

The client has requested our support in upgrading their existing environment an obsolete third-party software platform in Germany that worked with their existing system.

They sought to replace that platform with one that provided email, voice support and online chat as well as AWS real-time analytics also supporting compliance, which needs to improve German customer service.

Cloud contact center solution Germany

BaryTech Solution

In a cutthroat market Germany, the only way for a company to thrive is to provide remarkable client experience. The stronger your rapport is, the more you understand their requirements and address their concerns.

That’s where AWS real-time analytics come in to help you provide better service to your customers.

Provided Customer Experience

Provided a CX with a reliable, scalable, ease of use, future proofed and highly customizable platform that was built from the ground up to meet their specific business needs. To maintain increased speed of deployment, and manage the aggressive deadline, BaryTech successfully moved the users to cloud contact center solution.

Omnichannel Contact Center Solution

The BaryTech team assisted the client in identifying an omnichannel (phone calls, email, webchat, SMS, and social media) help desk solution from a well-known Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) provider that met all of their needs while also interfacing with their existing system.



After implementing AWS Cloud Contact Center in their processes, the business has noticed 87% more effectiveness in their sales productivity and improved customer experience in Berlin.

The use of AWS Cloud Contact Center gave them the scope to innovate as it enhances operational flexibility and scalability. Business can now transform its customer relationship models quickly to meet the expectations of its customers.

In addition to this, the client now enjoys the following advantages and business benefits:


Gained access to real-time and historical data (CX)

Gained access to a massive amount of real-time and historical data (CX) to assist improve the customer experience.


Calls, email and web chat handled by a single platform

Calls (both incoming and outgoing), email, and webchat are all handled by a single platform.


Automatic cloud updates

The necessity for hardware and software administration, as well as manual upgrades, is eliminated with automatic cloud updates. This frees up time for the client's team to focus on other business goals, such as increasing customer experience.


CapEx replaced by OpEx

From company’s tax point of view, the client preferd Opex over Capex. Accounting standpoint has been depreciated over the life of the medical, infrastructure or other industry equipment assets to reflect their current value on the balance sheet.


Greater scalability

Greater scalability to react to demand and workforce changes.


Remote work expanded

Remote work capabilities have been expanded, which proved essential during the COVID-19 epidemic.

I like how there is a lot of customer service at a single platform is provided. It is really helpful, especially for those who want to get a great customer experience. BaryTech provided a complete solution which is flexible, comprehensive which goes beyond basic Quality Assurance to full Quality Management so that we don't have any problems in work. Coaching and resolution tools are also injected in order to allow us to engage and develop our employees before any occurring issue. Simply Great!
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