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Industry: E-commerce Multinational Industry

Cloud Migration for a Multinational E-commerce Company

Lift in flight demands the company brawled with the maintenance dilemma and lack of scalability of the products supporting their operations.

Planning for summing up capacity seized too much time and increased costs. They also required expertise to better handle website traffic surges.

Cloud Migration BayTech


AWS’s cloud is 3.6 times more energy efficient


Reduced breaches & other security events


Improved IT management capabilities

Project Overview

The client is a crowd-funded, crowd-sourcing retail e-commerce clothing brand that manufactures, designs, and releases quality products via its website. After a short time, the company produced a lot of successful outcomes, enabling the company to acquire several businesses over 50 years to become the leading Multinational Company in United Kingdom.

Project Challenges

The range of company services includes websites development services for several operations, a Citrix thin-client model providing best desktop services in United Kingdom, and SQL databases that contain data crucial to the successful functioning of day-to-day operations, in addition to other services. Rather, lately, the company chose to shift from a CAPEX model to an OPEX model. Concerning costs and resilience, and the knack to scale up and down. By moving to the cloud, the company wants to save costs on cloud migration service in UK.

The company moved the greater part of its services to a virtual private cloud hosted on Amazon Web Services, which lets the client provide a private,

Cloud BaryTech

solitary section of the public AWS cloud so that it can launch custom-built resources as needed. AWS also offers storage available on tap over a web services interface to store and redeem data from anywhere on the web. It was an irresistible offer given that the client would pay just for the storage used by them. Despite that, about file server resource management, the company was limited to Windows DFS. There were limitations with Windows DFS, so the client wanted an alternative cloud storage option.

BaryTech Solution

The client for the previous 10 years had used NetApp technologies to give it robust, flexible, and high-performing storage. Including, it had used NetApp FAS8020 clusters for production and disaster recovery sites. NetApp launched NetApp Cloud ONTAP® for AWS last year. NetApp is built on clustered Data ONTAP, this cloud is a storage application software that runs on AWS servers and storage resources which also gives several capacity and performance options. It offers an array of low-performance, small-capacity applications to medium-scale workloads with demands of higher performance. The solution incorporates a stack of features normally connected with NetApp storage, such as NetApp SnapManager® for SQL, to license quick backups and robust disaster recovery. BaryTech applied smart work strategies and gave the fastest possible solution to the client.

Business benefits

Extremely Feasible

The NetApp Cloud ONTAP is extremely feasible. An uncomplicated web-based interface allows direct storage management. Cloud manager allows installation, provisioning of data, and resource assignment.

Offers Robust Backups

Backups are of utmost crucial for the client. It's SQL data which is the heart of the company including financial information to ERP and much greater. NetApp Cloud ONTAP offers NetApp Snapshot® Manager for SQL, which makes it possible to duplicate data.

Cost Savings

Cloud Manager tracks and gives feedback on the cost of assets over time. This apprises accurate decision-making when going workloads as per cost efficiency.


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Increased sustainability

AWS’s cloud infrastructure is 3.6 times energy efficient compared to other regular data centers.


Added value

Added value to virtual work model. The company spent 36% less on infrastructure with cloud migration.



Various introduced features and tools helped improve the IT management capabilities up to 60%.



Cloud migration reduced 45% breaches and other security events.

They have proficient staff who are available 24/7 to serve the issues in the cloud or native with our database servers and their cloud hosting is quite good business. Before we decided to contract BaryTech, their staff took the time to give us a tour of the facilities and answer the many technical questions my team asked. They were also ready to gratify our non-technical senior leadership with tours of the tools and answered questions. My team appreciates the great customer service BaryTech experts have provided.
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